The Rondo, medium range mini-sprinkler is perfect for orchards, greenhouses and field crops. Thanks to a wide range of assembly configurations, we can adjust the appropriate drop rate and coverage suitable for our crop. Its advantage is its versatility – a wide range of models and applications: single or double frames, bridges, and the possibility of installation in an upright or inverted position, on a plastic mounting or on a tall 8mm metal rod, 11 nozzles.

Technical specification:

Outlet: 30 – 300 l/h
Recommended working pressure: 1.5 – 2.5bar

Uniform coverage in a 3x3 to 7x7m spacing

Options: rotor with range limiter and insect protection.

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Sprinkler with turbulent flow. Its characteristics are: minimized clogging even at low flows and no moving parts; it has the option to regulate the pressure. Sprinkler with high reliability. Application: under –crown irrigation in orchards.

Technical specification:

Spraying range: 180 ° (8 streams), 300 ° (10 streams), 360 ° (8 or 12 streams)
Range of reach: from 2.5 to 4m
Flow range at minimum operating pressure of 1.5 bar: 25,35,55,70 l/h
Recommended working pressure: 1.5 – 3 bar

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Fogger Low Flow is used for fogging, irrigation, rooting, changing humidity, cooling the tunnels and greenhouses.
The sprinkler is mounted with an LPD (anti-dripping device)
The sprinkler can be configured as a single, double or quadruple

Technical specifications:

Working pressure: 3.5 – 5 at
5.4 l/h – black nozzle and vortex insert
10.5 l/h – dark blue nozzle and vortex insert
Average drop size: 70 microns
Anti-dripping specification:
Opening pressure: 3.5 bar
Closing pressure: 1.5 bar

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Tornado and Rondo sprinklers

Rondo sprinklers are ideal for watering during seeds germination.

The Rondo sprinklers produce an average droplet with a particle size of up to 150 microns. The sprinkler can work in an upright or inverted position (upside down).

Technical specification:
Discharge at a pressure of 3 bar: 47, 61 l/h
Range of work 2.5 – 4 Bar
The anti-dripper with an opening pressure of 3.5 Bar can be used

Tornado sprinklers provide 360 ​​degree irrigation and an average droplet size of 140 microns. In addition, the Tornado uses a vortex flow mechanism, which reduces the possibility of clogging.

Technical specification:
Flow range at 3 bar pressure: 23,28,40,50 l/h working range of 2.5 – 3.5 bar

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Plastic compact sprinkler S5000

The Rivulis S5000 sprinklers are designed to work in orchards, plant nurseries and under cover. The S5000 ensures even distribution of water.

The body is designed in a corrosion-resistant plastic, the spring is made of stainless steel with high durability, the green cover is used for protection against sand and dirt, and bayonet nozzles are for easy field maintenance or replacing parts. The sprinklers are available with one or two nozzles and equipped with a ½” threaded connection.

Technical specification:

Small angle:
Working pressure range: 2.0 – 4.0 bar
Angles: 9 °, 12 ° and 14 ° from one nozzle

Nozzle sizes: 2.5, 2.9 and 3.2 mm
Flow at 2.5 bar: 375 – 637 l/h
Sprinkling diameter: 16.5 – 18.5 m
Large angle:
Working pressure range: 2.0-4.0 bar
Angle: 24 ° from one or two nozzles
Nozzle sizes: 2.3, 2.6, 2.9 and 3.2 mm
Flow at 2.5 bar: 390-806 l/h
Sprinkling diameter: 19 – 22.5 m

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