Fertilizer pumps

The Amiad fertilizer pump does not need auxiliary power; it uses the pressure of the water flowing in the installation to pump the fertilizer to the irrigation installation. The device pumps out around 100 cm3 of water for every cycle to inlay approximately around 33 cm3 of fertilizer.
After the pump is mounted on the stand and attaching the cables precisely we prepare the fertilizer solution and pour it into the container. After the irrigation is turned on we open the valve cutting away the water and pull out the shut-off valve located on the irrigation pump. The pump should start to work. If it has not – the engine most likely stopped on turning position. In such case, one needs to unscrew the pump cover, move the engine and remove the residue.
If the pump works, the fertilizer suction line needs to be vented. To do so, the vent button of the valve needs to be pressed until the fertilizer starts to spill from the spigot. If the pump is unable to suck in the fertilizer, it means that the valves are not tight, the engine seals are not in a good state or the efficiency of the pump is too low (the pressure of the “perpetuating” water is too low).

The Amiad pump:

• Powered by the water pressure from the pipeline
• Minimum working pressure of 0,5 atm
• Resistant to chemicals
• While working it uses water 3 times the volume of the fertilizer used.


Injector Pump
Dose from 60-2000 l/h
Easy to set up
No moving parts