We are a direct importer of Rivetis Supertif ND drippers. Drippers are used with many types of crops – in crops under cover, in plant nurseries and gardens,

The Supertif ND drippers are drippers with pressure compensation and a valve, which means that the irrigation pipe is constantly under pressure and does not need to be refilled during the next irrigation cycle. This increases the evenness of watering.

Technical specifications:
work range 1 to 3.5 at
low pressure drip pumps with efficiency: 2.2, 3.8, 8, 11.5 l/h
opening pressure 0.4 bar
closing pressure 0.3 bar
High-pressure drippers with a capacity of 3.1, 5.2 l/h
opening pressure 0.9 bar
closing pressure 0.4 bar

Download RIV -DS.-supertif_ND