Drip lines

Hydrodrip drip line is an economical solution for different kinds of row, field and greenhouse crops. These tapes have built-in drip heads with a turbulent flow labyrinth to prevent clogging. Hydrodrip is a flat ribbon, so it is easy to unfold, both manually and mechanically. It is available in a wide range of diameters and with various wall thickness.

Diameters and wall thickness:
16 mm – 15.2 mm ID: – 18, 25 mil
16 mm – 16 mm ID: – 10, 12, 15 mil
22 mm – 22.2 mm ID: – 10, 12, 15, 18, 25 mil
Recommended working pressure: 1.0 bar
Recommended maximum pressure at 1.0 bar for a wall thickness of 18 mi: 1.2, 1.65, 2.1 lph
(Efficiency depends on the thickness)
Spacing of emitters: 20 cm upwards
Application: vegetables, annual field crops and greenhouse crops

leaflet available for download

The Hydro PC drip line with pressure compensation has built-in cylindrical drip heads that allow irrigation in a variety of field conditions (slopes, flat terrain and undulating terrain)

Hydro PC drip lines use special diaphragms to compensate for constant flow at variable inlet pressure. They are ideal for fields in sloping terrain and with long threads. Thanks to large cross-section of its labyrinths and a self-cleaning mechanism, Hydro PC lines are highly resistant to clogging.

Hydro PC is made of PE that is resistant to UV and fertilizers.
Diameters: fi 12,16,17,20 mm
wall thickness: 35, 40, 45 miles
maximum pressure depending on wall thickness:
25mil- 2.5 bar
35mil – 3.0 bar
40 -47 miles – 3.5 bar

Download RIV_ds_HydroPCND

The D5000 line is a line with pressure compensation with a flat drip type. Thanks to a modern dripper it allows you to run long threads with even irrigation.

Nominal flow: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 l / h
Nominal diameter: 16,17,20,22mm
Wall thickness: 15-47 mm
Output type 15mm – slot
Above 15mm – hole
Spacing above 15 cm.

Download RIV_ds_Rivulis_D5000 

Hydrogol is a line with a cylindrical dripper produced in various variants of wall thickness, varying emitter spacing and efficiency. The Hydrogol emitter provides turbulent water flow that minimizes clogging.

Hydrogol lines are produced with two openings. An additional outflow eliminates the intrusion of small particles when the water is turned off.
outflow: 0.7,1,16,6,2,3,4,8 l / h
diameters: 12,16,20 mm
wall thickness: 25,35,40,45 miles
spacing of drip heads 20 cm upwards

Download RIV_DS_Hydrogol