Climatic computers by Sercom

A climatic computer is a measuring and control device used in greenhouses. It allows to control the temperature of greenhouse heating, heat transfer, furnace and heaters, fans, cooling systems, dimples, CO2, illumination, humidity, fogging, sprinkling, filter rinsing, irrigation and fertilization. A climatic computer collects data from greenhouses; it uses weather stations as well as electronic temperature and humidity sensors. Thanks to modern technologies, it is PC-compatible, may be controlled with a mobile phone via GSM and has a built-in system to notify about alarms. The controller is equipped with a function that enables to close all windows with a single button, in the event of a storm or strong wind. The device has a friendly programming algorithm.

The Sercom company produces the following types of computers:
SC 600, SC 720.SC 750, SC 800, SC 900, SC 950, SCX 1000, SCX 2000.

The selection of the correct type depends on the size of the object and the number of control devices in the facility.

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